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Ornamental and Decorative Steel Manufacturing Process

               The process of PVD coating ( Physical Vapor Deposition of titanium or zirconium ) is used to manufacture Ornamental and Decorative Steel. It provides a colored film over the stainless steel substrate in a vacuum chamber. The film also has fine conductibility and self-lubricating capability with rich colors available from light to dark such as brass, gold, rose-gold, copper, smoke-gray, dark-gray and dark, over natural polished stainless steel finishes. The PVD coating process can be treated on stainless steel substrate of common sizes eg. 4'X8' (1219X2438mm ), 4'X10' (1219X3048mm) or other specified sizes. The colored PVD coated ( Ti/Zr-plated ) sheets is widely used in many applications such as elevator cabin, doors, frames, columns and wall panel, etc.

The PVD coating process provides much better results compared to polishing. In Polishing, the material is polished with some chemical, etc to give it the required finish like the mirror finish, hair line finish, etc. The polishing process is much more complex then PVD coating as getting a uniform polish through out is a though task.

Uses of Ornamental and Decorative Stainless Steel:

               The colored, durable, shining or matted Ornamental and Decorative stainless steel sheets can be widely used in building decorations and metal fabrication and others. You will find the eye-appealing products made by these super metals in

  • Building Appliances
  • Home Fixtures
  • Industrial Fixtures
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